Open Photo Booth 


Photo booths are fun they get everyone involved young and old and for those people who don't feel like kicking it up on the dance floor it gives something to do and something to keep from the night to share digitally.

open photoboothopen photobooth





The Open photo booth is nothing fancy its not this massive unit you have to squeeze into (it's open) on the front of the box is a DSLR camera and a tablet and on top is a flash (not pictured)

There is an integrated program that once pressed it counts down 5 seconds and BAM! the photos taken

The image will appear on the tablet below, guests are welcome to screen grab with their phones if they wish.

But no need, as they all get uploaded to a private gallery for everyone to view (the antics) and download as they wish.


Back drops


The open photo booth is versatile it can be moved around and used on any backdrop with in the reception.

Just a plain wall or curtain will work.

photo booth  2-1photo booth 2-1 photo booth  2-2photo booth 2-2

But if you feel energetic and want to have something a little different you are more than welcome to create 

something for yourself  like this rustic look.

photo booth  1-1photo booth 1-1 The open photo booth is an add on to the all day coverage only